Enrollment & Registration

If you're comfortable using the online registration/enrollment system, use the buttons to get started! As you are moving through the registration process please be sure to complete the DD Tech section. If you are new or want instructions, please contact our District Registrar at 262-233-6761.

Once completed DD Tech staff will reach out to you with enrollment information.

Please note that students must be enrolled in one of the following career pathways. If a student is “undecided” they will need to enroll in Delavan-Darien High School until they have decided on a DD Tech career pathway. Please review DD Tech pathways on our website before selecting.

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Production

  • Animal Systems in Agriculture

  • Architecture & Construction

  • Business Administration in Finance

  • Business Administration in Marketing

  • Business Management & Support Services

  • Education & Training

  • Hospitality, Lodging & Tourism

  • Environmental & Natural Resource Systems

  • Patient Care in Health Science

  • Plant Systems in Agriculture

  • Transportation & Power Equipment Service

Questions? Please contact a member of our high school student services team based on the student's first letter in their last name.